Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products – 20 Sachets and Spray Bottle Combo – Equivalent of 20 Bottles


Eco-friendly cleaning products

Range of 5 cleaning products

20 Sachets equals 20 Bottles of cleanser



A revolution in cleaning products, these sachets have a range of advantages and once tried you won`t want to go back to plastic bottles!
In a nutshell, they are 100% biodegradable sachets of various cleaning fluids which you add to a simple spray bottle of water, which we also supply. This means that when one runs out, you simply fill the spray with water and insert the appropriate sachet and away you go. Not only are they not harmful to aquatic life, the other benefits are obvious:
•     No more single-use plastics involved
•     Vastly reduced packaging/transport and resulting carbon footprint
•     Much less storage space needed
•     And of course, significant money savings
We stock a range of products including Multi Surface Cleaner, Sanitiser, Glass Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner and a Degreaser, all with their own with spray bottle.
Purchase as a complete package with 20 sachets of your chosen cleaner which come in a small cardboard box, plus the spray bottle, which equates to 20 x 750ml bottles!

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Bathroom Cleaner, Degreaser, Multi Surface Cleaner, Sanitiser, Window and Glass Cleaner