Period Pants – 2 colours – ladies size 4-8


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Period Pants

One size

Red or Black

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Period Pants. Becoming increasingly popular and such an excellent idea.  Worn just as you would normal pants, but they provide welcome added confidence either during your period whilst using other sanitary protection, or as a little bit extra peace of mind on the days when you know your period is about to start, as their super-absorbency prevents leaks. You no longer need to fear being ‘caught out’ either at school, college or out socialising etc. They are super comfortable, soft and super stretchy and so would be ideal for night-time wear also, sleep-overs, etc.

This design is aimed at young adults, and are one size: ladies’ size up to a size 8.  They are available in either black with a daisy design, or red with a daisy design. 100% cotton with an extra absorbent gusset.   Fully washable.

Please note, these pants are designed for added security and peace of mind, and are not designed to be worn during the heaviest days of your period without other sanitary protection.

Any questions, please just ask!

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Black, Red


Up to size 8