Vegan Plant-Wax Soy Candles – 6 Extra Large Tea-lights in a Gift Bag


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Set of 6 deep extra large tea-lights

Burn time approx 8 hours

Plain / unscented

Gift bag


2 in stock

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Vegan plant based candles, made from 100% soy wax, are not only better for the environment, but they are also better for you. Unlike chemical waxes such as paraffin, they are smokeless, sootless and odourless.  They do not omit toxic fumes and so are better for anyone who has asthma or any other respiratory condition.  They are also less harmful to the environment, burn slower and therefore for longer.

Made in my Auntie`s kitchen in her spare time, each tealight and candle is individually hand-poured. She makes them in a range of styles and sizes, but all are 100% pure plant based wax, with soy-dipped pure cotton wicks and in recyclable metal tins.

The range currently available is designed to suit your needs, and are gift wrapped using our unbleached, acid-free tissue paper, in an organza gift bag.  They would therefore make a lovely gift for yourself or for someone else.

This set of 6 plain round extra large sized tea-lights is ideal for everyday home-use in burners or lamps, and is posted in tissue and an envelope rather than gift box, to keep costs low.  But these deep-sized 2.5cm tins mean that these candles burn for up to 8 hours.